The World’s Greatest Symphony Orchestras


Gramophone: World’s Best Symphony Orchestra

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20  Czech Philharmonic

19Saito Kinen Orchestra

18 Metropolitan Opera

17 Leipzig Gewandhaus

16 St. Petersburg Philharmonic

15 Russian National Orchestra

14 Mariinsky Theatre Orchestra

13 San Francisco Symphony

12 New York Philharmonic

11 Boston Symphony Orchestra

10 Dresden Staatskapelle

9 Budapest Festival Orchestra

8 Los Angeles Philharmonic

7 Cleveland Orchestra

6 Bavarian Radio Orchestra

5 Chicago Symphony Orchestra

4 London Symphony Orchestra

3 Vienna Philharmonic

2 Berlin Philharmonic

1 Royal Concertgebouw (Orchestra)


 Luviu Prunaru
Concertmaster Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra




Is your favorite orchestra in the top 20 ????

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  1. Hannah's Gravatar Hannah
    February 20, 2012    

    What about the City of Prague Philharmonic?!

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