Series (3): Practice, Practice, Practice





Nothing is more intolerable than to have to admit to yourself your own errors.

Ludwig van Beethoven



Yep, you’ve heard it before! That is the only way to get to Carnegie Hall. We’ve all heard the expression but, stop for a moment and think beyond those 3 words! What else can you find in that phrase? Perseverance, Perseverance, Perseverance!

Music is hard, we know that, but it is for sure that those who are ruling the classical music world right now didn’t spend most of their time watching South Park. They worked their asses off to be there. It is also true that they probably started playing when they were very little, but either way, it is hard to stay in shape and be successful in this art. Having a close look at what they did in their past step by step can help us define which way to go to successful-land. They all did mostly the exact same thing. Practice like there is no tomorrow and study with all their senses in what they do. Smart practice is what you need to achieve all your goals in music. Waste your time when you are in your living room watching South Park not when you practice. When you don’t feel like practicing you are just procrastinating and by waiting to do it later you will be sending all the success to somebody else who is doing it now and later. If you want success to be yours you have to do something about it. Follow it!!!! If you are feeling lazy, pump yourself up by watching your favorite soloist on you tube or by doing something that changes your mind into practicing- there are many good tips for that in our FREE BOOK. It also takes very little effort to be proactive again- force yourself to open your case and plays a scale, a piece, something for 10 minutes- then see how you feel. In my case I can tell you it is all it takes for me to keep going for hours.

The art of good practice comes by changing bad habits for good ones. It is all about that, you practice and then you perform it, and for that performance to be a successful one you will have to practice in an intelligent manner to meet the technical difficulties of the piece as fast as you can so that you can work on your interpretation the longest. And this of course starts with scales and etudes every day. They are the foundation of what we will be finding in the instrumental literature. We play with patterns, rhythms, tempos, bowings, and everything that help us have a better technique so that we can focus on what really matter, music-making. If you make sure to have a routine every day, practice not only will be easier but consistent, another essential element to succeed as a classical musician. Summarizing, practice like crazy- make sure you do anything possible to practice and have a routine- smart practice with all your senses in music- be aware that you are changing bad habit for good ones and acquiring new ways to do stuff- be consistent, don’t give up. It might finally get you to Carnegie Hall.

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