Famous Violinists: Mark O’Connor


315061_10150420546982594_505522593_10174597_1542394568_nFor me it is a real pleasure to meet new people. Share unforgettable moments with anybody is always great but I have to admit that doing that with classical music celebrities is something that touches me deeply. The opportunity to share a talk over a meal with any of them can help you realize how amazing-or-horrible they are as a person.

As a violinist, I’ve met many of today’s greatest figures in my field and even played with some of them. Last night I went to see Mark O’Connor’s concert and enjoy many unique styles that includes folk songs and improvisation. Mark’s technique is incredible- the first half of the concert was him improvising over American themes while the second half he joined the Santa Fe youth orchestra playing his own compositions. I must say that after a great concert, there is nothing better than meeting the artist and exchange ideas on music related subjects. We discussed topics like improvisation, composition, American music and its issues and many other things. He is such a nice guy, the evening went by really fast as he talked about his ideal set for America’s mind in music and collaborations with major figures.

Mark’s style is unique and personal. I believe that’s what makes him great and so successful- he found his own voice. His knowledge is vast and his contribution to the music world through his compositions is a big treasure to those who know how to appreciate it. As a leading artist he respects classical music and all the other genres. He has been one of my favorite violinists since I started to play the violin. His 6 caprices for violin solo were my inspiration to compose one. It is definitely not as hard but I believe it is a good preparation for future caprices.


You can download it for free in the next 48hrs here:


Caprice No.1 by Cesar Aviles

Mark’s Caprices







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